preparing for a marathon

22 Aug

as what the web will say, you need to prepare for your run months earlier

but with only 1 month plus i have very little time to do it and i need get going fast

lets hope it does not rain

today’s mission will be getting the breathing technique right! 

when your mind wonders into whole load of stuffs, focus on breathing and it will get you into running again

as what i have always experienced when you are not focus it is equivalent of not doing it at all be it your homework or even your weight loss program. 

a few techinuques

  1. mouth breathing rather than nose breathing
  2. abdomen breathing rather than chest breathing
  3. short and shallow breathing rather than deep breathing, one or 2 deep breathing will be fine to reorganize your breathing
  4. get a rhythm, based on some quick run on journals, you have to tailor your breathing based on your ability, altitude, hills and condition
  5. the key is if you are panting your are too fast, slow down

p/s i m not a pro, but we all are allowed to experiment this uncharted sea of running!


I set myself some specific goals, but the key one is just getting myself into as good a shape as possible for one day this year: the Olympic marathon.
Paula Radcliffe

i will never give up getting into the right shape!



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